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comas p
  1. Plural of coma



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comas p
  1. Plural of coma

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Comas is a district within the Lima Province, Peru. Located within the Cono Norte area, of the city of Lima, it's one of the most populous districts in the country.
The current mayor of Comas is Miguel Ángel Saldaña Reátegui. The district's postal code is 7.


The district has a total land area of 48.75 km². Its administrative center is located 140 meters above sea level.


According to the 2005 census, by the INEI, the district has 464,745 inhabitants, a population density of 9,533.2 persons/km² and 100,950 households.


During it's first years of existence, Comas was a pueblo joven. Comas found its humble beginnings, as a direct result of the many organized invasions, led by immigrants from the highlands during the 1970s. Most of these peasants arrived from the regions of Junín and Huacanvelica in the central sierra of Peru.


Comas used to be one of the poorest districts in Lima, until recently when it developed into a middle class residential district.

Transport and communications

There is 3 main roads serving the district, Avenida Túpac Amaru, Avenida Universitaria and the Chillón-Trapiche Highway.


Comas has grown at an extremely fast pace, in the last decade Comas has develop ecconomically, infastructurally, and socially. It's boasts a huge middle-class and it has grown immensely from being a pueblo joven that is not in a so distant past. Despite this facts, still patches of poverty displayed by pueblos jovenes overshadowed by urbanizational development, parks, and commerce.

Other facts

The only civil aviation school in Peru is located in Comas, in the Aeroclub de Collique.

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